MEGGLE Excipients & Technology supports Hands-On Seminar & Conference with the title: Comparison of Rotary Tablet Presses



  • comparison of various production rotary tablet presses
  • tableting placebo formulations with different challenges
  • hands-on experience and demonstrations
  • external speakers with on-topic lectures

Participating Press Manufacturers:


Hands-On Seminar: Comparison of Rotary Tablet Presses

Seminar Program & Registration

Download the seminar program as well as the registration form.

Hands-On Seminar:

Date: 02. – 03. July 2019


  • hands-on experience on all tablet presses
  • main influencing factors in tableting
  • formulation characterization methods
  • dealing with challenging formulations

Target Audience

Operators and professionals from R&D and production who are interested in practical comparison and personal experience


  • introduction to basic principles of tableting and formulation characterization
  • performing of force-hardness profiles and trials to determine tablet weight variations on all participating tablet presses
    (approx. 1h per rotary press)
  • testing of several placebo blends with different challenges: poor flowability, sensitivity to lubricants, capping tendency
  • presentation of rotary press performance (results from hands-on sessions)


Date: 03. – 04. July 2019


  • selected lectures and theory
  • hot topics from press manufacturers
  • demonstration of all tablet presses

Target Audience

Experts and managers from R&D, production, engineering, and authorities who want to gain an overview and deepen their knowledge.


  • theory sessions on characterizing tableting properties of formulations
  • lectures of external speakers on e.g. external lubrication, scale-up, regulatory aspects of tableting, and reducing sticking with specially coated punches
  • technology news from the press manufacturers
  • live demonstration of all rotary presses
  • presentation of rotary press performance (results from hands-on seminar)

Your hosts:


The Solids Development Consult GmbH has been founded as a spin-off of the Pharmaceutical Technology Department of the University of Bonn. The key compentence is the interaction beween formulations on the one hand and the manufacturing equipment and processes on the other hand.


Organizational Details:


Hands-on: 02.-03. July 2019
Conference: 03.-04. July 2019


The seminar language will be English

Location / Accommodation:

Kasino Hotel
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee 3
51373 Leverkusen, Germany
+49 214 83 110
Please make your reservation directly with the hotel (Special rate: 127 € p.n.)

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